What is Recruitment?

Recruitment takes place throughout the entire school year. However, each semester has a specific RUSH week, usually the third week of each semester. RUSH is a recruitment week when all of the fraternities hold open events where non-members can come and experience what it's like to be around these brothers. It's a period where you can judge the fraternity and the fraternity can judge you. From these RUSH events, the fraternity decides whether to extent you a bid to become a pledge of the fraternity. You have the option of accepting the bid, signing it and becoming a pledge, or holding on to the bid, which is good for a year.

Recruitment Sign-up!

Our new members are responsible for upholding the traditions of our organization.

We invite you to complete the form below to express your interest in continuing that tradition. Our recruitment officer will be sure to contact you regarding our upcoming events and membership information via ChapterSpot text messages.

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